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Everyone! Exciting news!

So my Mama told me some very exciting news! Three nights from tonight, it will be what she called “Crismas”. And on “Crismas”, you are supposed to hang up a clean sock. Why they use a sock, I’m not sure. That night, a strange Man in red clothes accompanied by little Deer comes to visit you. But while you’re sleeping, he comes in and puts a surprise in the sock! And sometimes, he leave brightly colored boxes! I wonder who he is. Anyway, the next morning, when you wake up, you get to look and see what he’s left for you! I’m very excited. Perhaps he’ll leave me food.

Mama says he’ll only come if you’re good the entire year. Well, I’ve certainly been good. All the horses have.

I wonder who this Man is. And why does he need Deer? Maybe the Deer carry the surprise presents? But, there are so many horses here! And what of the little ones? They’ve not been alive all year, they were only born this Laire! Perhaps because they’re small, they’re given the benefit of the doubt. But I’m small too… Hm.

A Christmas Song…

Christmas is coming

The pony’s getting fat

Please do put a carrot in my Santa hat

If you haven’t got a carrot

Some Lembas bread will do

If you haven’t got some Lembas bread

Then God bless you!

Mama took a picture of me and Legolas. He gave me some Christmas cookies.

Mama took a picture of me and Legolas. He gave me some Christmas cookies.